Tribe name

Tribu Kahirup of Pavia


Illuminating the district of Arevalo


Charlie Guyos


Ariel Sogueco


The group was originally formed to participate in Tigkaralag to represent Brgy. PUROK 4 of
the Municipality of Pavia. KAHIRUP, which means “Togetherness”, was the old name of the said barangay.

Annually, the children of Brgy. Purok 4 continually grows, and every year, most of them go to the city proper to join Dinagyang tribes to show their support and devotion for Señor Sto. Niño.

This year, these youth of the Municipality of Pavia were given the opportunity to “ILOminate” the District of Arevalo.

Now, the group is not just represented by the warriors of Brgy Purok 4. They are now
coming from different barangays of the Municipality to join the whole Iloilo in celebrating the Dinagyang Festival and to show the Pavaianhon’s devotion to the “Child Jesus”

La Paz National High School

Tribu Paghidaet

Fort San Pedro National High School

Tribu Pan-ay

Jaro National High School

Tribu Salognon

Bo. Obrero National High School

Tribu Taga-baryo