Tribe name

Tribu Mandu-riyaw


Mandurriao National High School


Hyde S. Pilla


Robert Lapating



Iloilo City is rich in cultural and religious festivals. One of its famous tourism event is the world renowned DINAGYANG FESTIVAL. This festive event traces its roots as a thanksgiving celebration in honor of the child Jesus, Sr. Sto Nino and likewise showcases the rich heritage, colorful history, passionate devotion and fun-loving spirit of the Ilonggo people.
Coupled with faithful devotion to Sr. Sto. Nino and to our commitment to help boost the local tourism industry, we are proud to present TRIBU MANDU-RIYAW of Mandurriao National High School in Dinagyang 2024.
Before being active in the Dinagyang Ati Competition, Tribu Mandu-Riyaw has successfully conquered the Kasadyahan Competition arena using different names under its flagship: Tribu Babaylan, Tribu Kalinaw, Tribu Mandurriaonon and Tribu Madyaas and having bagged the championship trophy in Kasadyahan 2000 under its name Tribu Igorot. With the blossoming participation of other emerging tribes from around the provinces, our school rested for a while. We gained momentum in the year 2011 and bravely joined for the first time in the Dinagyang Ati Competition under the name Tribu Manduryaw and had brought honor to the school and the Mandurriao community by getting the top five (5) Best Performing Tribe that year and Best in Discipline Award. However, due to insufficient funding and lack of musical equipment to augment our meager resources, our tribe was not able to continue its noble purpose. Mandurriao National High School sailed with pride once again under the mighty name Tribu Amihan which victoriously put us in the 5th runner –up over-all rank in the Dinagyang Festival 2017
Aroused by our burning desire and devotion to the Holy Child Jesus, Mandurriao National High School spread its wing and soared once again this year with pride and might under the name TRIBU MANDU-RIYAW, a locally coined spelling of the word Mandurriao.
With its definitely impressive choreography, striking costumes hand in hand with the ingenuity, craftsmanship and artistry of our talented, enthusiastic and skilled choreographers, visual artists, dance directors, enthusiastic performers and the unwavering support of our school and its staff, we are confident of a competitive entry to this year.
TRIBU MANDU-RIYAW is one tribe to watch for this year. VIVA TRIBU Mandu-Riyaw! VIVA SR. STO NINO!

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